Thank You Day

Thank You Day:
It is with a thankful heart I reach out to you all today. The worst thing imaginable happened in our lives and I am still struggling daily to find the joy and the calm that I once had in my life. Jordyn was so much to so many but to me, she was everything. She gave me the most important job I have ever had and she gave me a greater purpose than I ever thought I could find... being her mom.

Without her, I don't see things the same and I just can't come to any kind of understanding how this has happened. I started the Foundation selfishly to cling to the feelings my daughter gives me. I want to do good and support others and I want to be there to help in any way I can, but I want my girl by my side so much. Together we are finding a way to make something out of the incredibly crappy hand we were dealt. It isn't easy and I just wish I could erase the last 8 months and try again... find a way.

That said, everyone of you who has dropped a pair of socks in a box, liked a post, wished us well in our endeavors, or who will attend an event or give a donation in the future.... Thank you for allowing me to work through the hope she always makes me feel when I think of her to do something that means something, for her.

Love. Help. Family. Hope. It is the mission we have created in her name. Thank you for being a part of it. #thankyouday

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