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Our Mission:

Love. Help. Family. Hope.

Giving Hope and Help to Families Affected by Leukemia. In honor of Jordyn Myers.


“Hold fast to dreams,
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird,
That cannot fly.”

Langston Hughes





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We are fully supported by volunteers and fundraising in order to achieve our mission. Sponsorship allows for maximum impact while providing essential financial support. To learn more click below.

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Financial support allows us to provide assistance for all of our programs. If you are not geographically near our live events or otherwise unable to attend but would like to lend your support, please donate here.



33 JordynStrong Foundation has made its mission to help families and children affected by Leukemia.

Through their brief time on an Oncology Floor in a Children's Hospital to saying goodbye to their daughter, Jared and Lindsey learned quickly that cancer doesn't just happen to the person who gets diagnosed. Their world was completely altered when the doctors told them that their daughter had cancer.

With hopes that they can help other families and other kids overcome their obstacles, they started 33 JordynStrong to bring about something positive from something terrible. Jordyn will be missed every day and it will never make sense that she is gone. It is the hope that her legacy, her tenacity, and her spirit will go on through this mission.

Help and Support

Our lives can change in the blink of an eye. Sometimes we can see it coming and sometimes we are completely blindsided. No matter how “prepared” we are, it is never easy to say goodbye. We know we can’t make treatment, recovery, or the death of a child any easier however we hope that the help and support we can provide to families affected by leukemia will allow them to focus on their families, their sick child, their healthy children, or their grief instead.

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Research funding

It is the hope of the Foundation that we will be able to support researchers and organizations looking to find alternatives to the chemotherapy treatment Pegaspargase as well as other treatments for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL).

We will be looking for organizations, departments, and researchers to provide assistance each calendar year with the expectation that they are working on treatment plans or clinical trials to provide alternatives to treatments that leave the patient with no immune system and no ability to fight potential infections.


scholarship program

It is the intention of the Foundation to provide 3 Annual Scholarships honoring Jordyn Myers. 

One will be awarded to a High School Student Athlete, one will be awarded to a girl who plans to study Engineering at a Higher Education Institution, and one will be awarded to a Leukemia Survivor. 

Applications will be accepted from December 10 - February 10 and will be awarded by April 10.


family support

Watching your child fight cancer is one of the hardest things a parent will ever go through.  Facing the time off of work, the recurring trips to the hospital or clinic, the mounting hospital bills, and the childcare arrangements for the other children can be daunting and overwhelming.  You think it couldn't get much worse... 

Then the visits stop and the empty room becomes the loudest thing in your house.  Going to work or paying the bills begins to feel like an impossible task.  The resources available once your child is gone seem to disappear alongside your hope that you will watch your child get well again.  It is our intention to find ways to support families at this time when other resources become scarce.