First Day of High School for her friends...

This #flashbackfriday might break me.

This is from Jordyn’s first day of Kindergarten. 9 years ago.

Today, many of her friends are starting their first day at Jackson High School. And she isn’t there with them. It’s supposed to be a BIG day around her. She had been looking forward to this for, well forever. She loved school and I remember we talked about how in HS you had classes you had to take but that you could more tailor your schedule to what you wanted to studyand what your goals were and she was all in, couldn’t wait. She was registered for 3 HS classes last year and was so proud and excited about that...

She deserves to be there with her classmates... feeling nervous and excited. They deserve for her to be there too.


I just don’t understand the world we live in (I promise you I am not looking for an explanation), a world where she is taken from me. And believe me, I am aware of the “bigger concerns” that make one wonder what the hell is going on in this world, but to me (Jared, Logan, her family and friends...), I wasn’t supposed to have to say goodbye until it was my turn And it isn’t right and it isn’t fair and it isn’t the way this is supposed to be. The emptiness of this loss is just unbearable.

I hope all of her classmates and friends have an amazing year in High School. I do. I just want Jay to be with you in those halls. Making you laugh with her excitement and her silliness and challenging you with her drive and determination. I just want Jay.

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