8 months ago...

8 months ago we had a very hopeful day. She was on a ventilator to let her body rest but everything was going well and they were confident in the progress that happened throughout the day. She just needed to get through the night and extra fighters would arrive to fight the infection in the morning.

But 8 months ago we had the worst evening of our entire lives. The worst thing we could ever imagine and the last thing we ever expected happened and our Jordyn was taken from us and everyone... from her life.

Every single day since I find it harder and harder to imagine a life without her even though I am being forced to live it. Almost like this is the nightmare and I just need to wake up and get back to the real reality. Oh if that is the case please let me wake up... please.

My baby girl... how is this... I just don’t know how we got here and I don’t know how to go anywhere without her. Her absence and her empty seat and her empty room is beyond loud and heartbreaking. Her missing voice and smile and laughter devastates me every single second. 8 months...

9 months ago I thought I was the luckiest person on earth. I was happy. I had happy, healthy kids who were beyond amazing and a husband who always brought a smile to my face. And then one phone call... one phone call put me in my place... one phone call changed everything. And all I want is my girl.

Lindsey MyersComment