Her Brother

Today he turns eleven without his hero. Without his sister, who helped make him who he is. The person who pushed him and motivated him and encouraged him. The one who came first and helped him find his way. His heart is so big for his sister and I know he misses her so much always, but a little more today. At least he got a “snow day”... but I sure wish I could bring her back for him... well, for all of us. She is so missed...

This awesome boy is why siblings mean so much to the mission. For three weeks he was passed around and shuffled so that his mom and dad could choose his sister over him. So they could be there for her when she needed them. And he didn’t complain for a minute. He knew it was what she needed and what he could do for her. He wanted to be at home but he knew she needed him to be wherever he was. And he didn’t deserve any of that any more than she deserved her illness or anything else she went though.

It happens to them too and they stand alone because that is what we need them to do. They watch their friend, their hero, their playmate get sick and weak and scared... and they go home with sad parents who can’t stop crying. And their whole world changes too and they are the ones left standing and sometimes that is pretty hard too.

So siblings will get socks and siblings will get books and siblings will get gift cards because we see what they do for their sick sibling. It isn’t easy for them either and they are heroes too.

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Lindsey Myers