My Wish is One Day...

I talk to you like you can hear me and maybe you can. I wish for you like that will bring you back and maybe it might. I think of you like I will see you again and maybe I might. I hope for you that you are safe and happy and maybe you are. I miss you like maybe this will all go away and you will be here with me and maybe it will.

I just want to talk with you and hug you and love on you and hear your voice so much... I’d wish for a moment but know that won’t be enough. I was supposed to have 70 more years with you... I wasn’t supposed to have to settle with a moment I know I won’t get. But I am not ok. I miss you. There is a huge hole and I just can’t understand. 💔

I write so I remember and I write so I can be reminded... I don’t feel strong. I still feel like waking up is work. I feel like every day you aren’t here is work. And while I want to be with you so much, I know I am needed here and I know I have to be patient and if I am patient, maybe I will.

Just know I love you so much and will forever wish on every star and in every fountain and on every “11:11” that I will see you again, be with you again... my sweet girl.

Lindsey Myers