After our daughter was diagnosed with leukemia, we quickly learned that life changes for everyone when your child is diagnosed with cancer. When her treatment compromised her organs and she passed away suddenly, our world was destroyed.

Cancer doesn't just affect the sick child, but the entire family.

While there are other organizations that provide assistance to families while their children are being treated for leukemia, we would like to fill the gap for when treatment ends and parents have to leave the hospital without their child.

Additionally, support through the scholarship program would allow us to provide assistance to students like Jordyn. By supporting researchers seeking alternative treatment methods, we will help future patients being treated for Leukemia. While other organizations may do that as well, it is our observation that there can never be too much help for these children or their families.

Jordyn was a special young girl who had her whole life ahead of her, a bright and exciting life.

33 JordynStrong Foundation does not intend to "cure" cancer, but would like to support efforts to both make it less likely for it to affect children the way it did Jordyn as well as to provide hope to children and families affected by cancer.


"Jordyn was always a special kid. She worked hard at everything and she was always the most positive kid in the room. She had HUGE dreams and she knew belief in herself and hard work would get her there. She was intelligent, she was athletic, she was kind, she was creative, she was clever, she was strong… Leukemia wasn’t going to stop her.

She was positive and strong from the minute she learned of her diagnosis and she was part of every conversation about her treatment and her challenges. We didn’t doubt for a second that she would be fine. The challenges of her treatment came at us from out of the blue. We just didn’t expect them, we weren’t ready for them… and they were relentless and devastating.

We hadn’t even let in that this diagnosis could take our little girl. We never considered it. Everything we heard and everything we were told was that she would be sick and uncomfortable for awhile but that she would get through it. When that changed, we were not prepared and we were destroyed. It just isn’t right. It isn’t fair. And every day since has been… harder than we could have ever imagined."

— Lindsey Myers, 33 JordynStrong Founder


In effort to honor Jordyn Myers and the life that she should have had, we have created 33 JordynStrong Foundation to provide families who have heard “your child has cancer” with help and hope.

By providing annual scholarships, we hope to support the futures of children like Jordyn who want to have a remarkable life.  

By raising funds for researchers and doctors, we hope to support those seeking to find alternative treatments to chemotherapy.  Alternative treatments to an existing treatment that compromises a child’s immune system and leaves them unable to fight infections.

By providing financial support for families who lose their children to leukemia, we hope to allow parents the opportunity to honor their children as they wish or to support their living children while they grieve.

Through fundraising events and campaigns to collect items for children and their siblings to distribute at Ohio Children’s Hospitals, we intend to further support these efforts.