A little about Jordyn Myers...

33 JordynStrong Foundation was named after Jordyn Myers. Jordyn was born on December 24, 2004 in Canton, Ohio. From the minute she was born, she was loved so much by her parents, Jared and Lindsey Myers. As she grew up, you could tell something was special about her. She was smart and she was creative. She played well in a group and she played well by herself. She was kind and she was funny, she was thoughtful of others and she was driven and determined. She was athletic and she was a voracious reader. She was an amazing student and she was an awesome friend. She was exceptionally beautiful because you could see her heart through her eyes. She just made life that much better.

Jordyn lived in several worlds. The ones she read about and the ones she listened to on her record player or her iPod. Books and music… she couldn’t get enough and found her favorites in The Beatles, Elvis Costello, Queen, Green Day, Broadway Musicals, and the Guardians of the Galaxy Mixtapes. She loved current novels like The Lunar Chronicles Series and The Red Queen Series and classic novels like those written by Agatha Christie. She often said she was born in the wrong generation… she loved the culture of the sixties, the music of the nineties, and the crazy colors of the eighties. She loved to watch old movies and often delighted in showing off her finds to her friends, The Princess Bride, My Fair Lady, Labyrinth, and the original Stephen Kind’s IT, to name a few. When it came to television, she loved shows with unique characters and quirky plot lines, Gilmore Girls, Friends, Once Upon a Time, and New Girl come to mind as some of her favorites. She was one of a kind and liked shows that celebrated that everyone isn’t the same. She loved school and often found it difficult to sleep before the first day of classes because she was so anxious to get started. She was involved in the school newspaper, she was a peer tutor, she ran Cross Country, she was in the Choir, and she was elected as one of three 6th grade students to the Principal’s Advisory Council (chosen by her teachers). School was a happy place - knowledge, books, and friends… what could be better.

Talking to Jordyn for a few minutes, you easily forgot that she was only 13 years old. Her mind, her interests, and her motivations were far more mature than her years.

Her dream was to go to Yale and she looked forward to being an engineer and a writer one day. She wrote beautiful stories and poetry. She has penned a short novel, a short story, and over 30 poems. Her insight to the world is inspiring. She was a talented artist as well. Not any people have a creative side and a scientific side but Jordyn did. In addition to this creative side, she still enjoyed math and science and wanted to work to make the future better. She was teaching herself how to write code so that she could program apps to make life better.

Jordyn loved to play softball and pretty much did, year around, from the time she was 8. She always wore #33 on her back. She was a beast on the field… one of the strongest and toughest third basemen in our area. She was a talented pitcher as well although her true love was the corner. She was so small in size, she blew people away with all that could come out of her little body. It was so fun to watch her play. She was an incredible teammate and knew that a great player plays for the good of the team and not the good of themselves. She was encouraging and supportive and her teammates knew, “Jay” had their backs.

She could do it all and she was going to, of that there is no doubt… that was just who she was.

Jordyn’s understanding of compassion was far beyond her years. She was an amazing friend and knew just how to make you feel better when you were sad or frustrated. She knew how to let you know that you were special and special to her, specifically. Her kindness was awesome. Her insight in to the world helped her to see that mistakes made while trying your best were simply stepping stones to help you get better. She knew that hard work, motivation, passion, and commitment were things that couldn’t be taught and she had them in spades.

She was just an awesome human being. She had so much ahead of her…

Lindsey Myers